ACTIVITIES for schools



Kina8at makes sure to offer schools meaningful activities respecting First Nations' values and traditions.

Of course it is important for us to meet your students , but we also think it is crucial to meet the school's staff and directors . This is why we offer a range of workshops and awareness programs designed for each clientele.

Indigenous dances workshop

Ivanie Aubin-Malo studied contemporary dance before coming back to her ancestors traditions from the Malecite First Nation.

During this workshop she gives in primary schools, she performs the famous Fancy Shawl Dance in full regalia, which is always breath-taking! The workshop involves dancing but also interaction with the students. Ivanie explains for example why she chose to come back to her Native roots. She also gives simple teachings about First Nations' history. The workshop culminates with the whole group singing and dancing with Ivanie.

Meet with an authentic  Atikamekw craftsman

Alexis Weizineau is a craftsman from the Atikamekw First Nation. When he meets with the students, he brings his tools and explains their different uses for making snowshoes, tanning hides, sculpting everyday life or artistic objects. Alexis now lives in Abitibi, but he also spends a lot of time in his camp, deep into Atikamekw land where he goes hunting, trapping and fishing. Alexis' knowledge is so precious. In perfect continuity with his ancestors, he allows the knowledge to stay alive.

Minda Forcier herboriste intervient en milieu scolaire grâce à Kina8at

Plant medicine

Minda is passionate about herborism. Walking with her on a simple lawn is a fascinating exercise, because she makes us discover the value of the plants that we normally walk on.

When she intervenes in a school environment, Minda goes with the group to a park or woodland near the school and she explains how the gathering of medicinal plants is done in the indigenous traditions.


The children pick plants with her as she walks. At the end of the meeting, we taste the wild plants picked in herbal tea.

Awareness one-day program for staff members

Now that we teach Canadian History in a different way in our institutions, are we sure that we convey the proper information about the First Nations?


Powerful and therapeutic at the same time, our Awareness one-day Program allows an authentic incursion into the world of the First Nations. Skilfully lead by T8aminik Rankin and Marie-Josée Tardif, elders from the Anicinape (Algonquin) tradition, this training will transform your vision of our common history for ever.