a profound experience of the first nations wisdom

inner journey programs IN QUEBEC AND EUROPE

Our Inner Journey Programs generally last one to three days are regularly offered in Quebec and Europe. 


Some are opened to everyone, some others are intented for more experienced participants. Most of them include the extraordinary Matato ritual (sweat lodge), guided by Grand-father T8aminik (Dominique) Rankin.

N.B.: Our workshops in Quebec and Europe are mostly held in French, but can also be organised for English, Anicinape or Cree groups if needed. We have also started to offer them in Italy (with Italian translation) and they worked out just fine!

Ki8etan: a journey back home

Together we embark on this inner journey, through the millennial teachings of the Anicinapek people. A two-year evolutionary path, including four four-day workshops (except for course 3 which takes place over a year). These journeys, where the group acts as a crucible of evolution, will be guided by the elders of the Anicinape tradition: T8aminik Rankin and Marie-Josée Tardif, from one stage to another, nurturing trust, complicity and mutual support. These series of internships are offered in magical places located in the forest, in Quebec (Laurentians) and in France (Drôme des Collines).


Contact us for full details:

N.B.: These workshops will be lead in French, but you can speak in English if it's more confortable for you. Groups can also be organised in English on request.​

3-DAY inner journeys

During this three-day seminar, you dive into the heart of our ancestors spiritual wisdom. You receive the teachings of the animals, the four directions and the feminine-masculine relationship. You share our traditionnal ceremonies, keep the sacred fire and, above all, you take the time to find yourself again!

This Inner Journey is particularly recommanded for those who need to turn the page and let go of a painful past. It includes the experience of the sweat lodge ("Matato") that has been part of the Anicinape (Algonquin) peoples traditions for thousands of years.* Grand-father T8aminik was trained for it starting at a very young age. He is one of the most recognised Matato leaders in North-America.

*Please note that due to the pandemic, we have had to adapt our workshops according to the health regulations in force.

inner journey FOR WOMEN ONLY

Entitled "Loving, Maternal and Empowered", this workshop is dedicated to women who feel the need to recharge their batteries and transform their relationships.

During these three days, we experience the talking and healing circles. We talk about our woundedness and receive the teachings to turn them over and come out glorious. We will also keep the sacred fire and experience the traditional ceremonies.

The teachings are given by Grand-mother Marie-Josée Tardif, who has been studiing Anicinape traditionnal medecine for several years. She will be joined by Grand-father T8aminik Rankin on the second evening for an experience even more complete.

sacred drum making

Every Aboriginal elders will say so: a sacred drum is much more than a simple musical instrument. It is the heartbeat of the child and the heartbeat of Mother-Earth. This is why we have to prepare ourselves through a step by step approach before becoming a sacred drum carrier.

Each year, Grand-father T8aminik provides his teachings on the relationship with the secred drum, as it was passed on to him by his ancestors. Each participant makes his/her own drum and celebrates this new birth through the ritual of Matato (sweat lodge).

N.B.: This workshop is intented for those who have already done a three-days inner journey with us.


in our inner journeys

« A moment of great transforming power. An encounter with oneself, with the other, with nature and with a millenar culture that has so much to teach us. I wish you to meet Marie-Josée and Dominique. Your heart will be touched forever. »


« I want to thank you for the teachings I received. I never imagined how deep they would be. Matato was for me a starting point. But I prefer to talk about a "rebirth," as you say. And this is true.

It is like being reborn! »


« I experienced this workshop at Springtime. What is it? First, an encounter with oneself, a connexion with mother-earth, a big clean-up for the heart and soul. What you get? Vision for a simple, beautiful and good life. Respect for who and what surrounds you, strong and authentic ties with one another. If you feel like it, take this opportunity.

I garanty you will be very happy about it! »



« Elder Dominique Rankin does the best sweat lodges I have ever participated in because he does them within a context of 3 days of traditional teachings and other ceremonies. We are lucky that the ceremonies have proven to be resilient in spite of colonialism, and that some people like Chomis are actively sharing them to all people. Chi meegwetch, Chomis! This is real reconciliation. »




SILENT RETREATS in the forest

These new silent retreats will now be offered at the Kina8at Center. Four days in the forest, three in complete silence; private interviews with seniors T8aminik Rankin and Marie-Josée Tardif, vigils of the sacred fire, traditional ceremonies...


Moments of regeneration and transformation extremely rich.

Make yourself the gift of silence...

inner journey for men only

Anokiwinni in the Anicinape language refers to men as protectors. Anokiwinni is bestowed the responsability to care for the territory, his familly and his community.


During this three-day workshop, Grand-father T8aminik guides the group, exploring Anokiwinni. Between men, we pause and reflect on the differents roles we have to play in life: son, brother, spouse, father, grand-father... We just take a step back, because hindsight is such a wonderful thing. 

THE sacred fire within me

Webinaires en compagnie de Kokom Marie-Josée Tardif et de Elena Grilli Cadieux, doctorante en psychologie spécialisée dans les questions d'anxiété de performance.


Marie-Josée et Elena vous proposent un parcours de 5 semaines où vous serez amenés à découvrir votre essence, à mieux comprendre ce qui anime profondément, afin que votre vie devienne enfin l'expression de votre feu sacré! Cette nouvelle formule inclut des exercices individuels, des méditations guidées et du matériel vidéo que vous pouvez suivre à votre guise à chaque semaine, puis des rencontres hebdomadaires avec Marie-Josée et Elena en visioconférence via la plateforme Zoom.​​